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Continuous Breakthrough: How to “Be Transformed”

Continuous Breakthrough:  How to “Be Transformed”

It all comes from this:  “The time has come,” he said. “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!” Mark 1:15

Quick Unpack:

1.  God is speaking into our lives everyday.  When this passage says “The time has come,” it refers to a kairos (an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment).  This happens to us more than we realize.  When something happens (could be good or bad), we get an “ah ha” realization.  God (“The Kingdom of God has come near”) can use this realization to teach and guide us.

2.  Repent means to turn completely around and go the another direction.  In other words, don’t just say “oh, look what happened” and just keep doing what you do, but actually let God help you change what you do for the future.

3.  Most people think of “believe” as agreeing with an idea.  In this passage, it means choose to trust God.  We don’t have to know everything or how everything works in the universe, but we have to know that God loves us and we can trust Him in every circumstance.  The best way to show trust is through action; doing what God is leading us to do, trusting Him along the way.


How To:

REPENT:  Okay, so something happens and you think that it’s one of those moments that God is gonna use to help transform your life and character for the better (into His likeness).  The first thing you do is observe exactly what happened, all of the circumstances around it; get a thorough sense of what actually happened.  Questions to ask might be:  What happened?,  How did I respond?, How did it affect myself and others?.  Next you’ll want to reflect and listen to God asking “What are You saying to me in this?”  Pray asking God for scripture and confirmation of what He wants you to hear from Him; what point of action He wants you to take.  Next you’ll choose a trusted friend, someone who you respect.  Discuss your thoughts and what you’re sensing from God and get some feedback and input.  BELIEVE:  After you’ve done all of that, you move into getting a plan:  It’s important that you make a plan that you believe God is calling you to.  This is not someone else telling you what to do, but you discerning what God is telling you to do (which in some cases might include feedback you got from a trusted friend).  After that you figure out who you will be accountable to.  Choose someone you trust who will ask you the simple question “Hey, how is that new plan going”.  Then you start putting the new God plan in action.


This cycle will repeat over and over in life on the journey of learning to be a disciple of Jesus.  It can flow very naturally and organically in a group setting or one on one.  The main thing is that it’s low control – high accountability.  This basically means that you are actively listening to God for your plan, rather than just doing what you are told or following a list of rules.  But also – accountability.  How much more committed to a workout program are you if your friend is actually waiting for you down at the club at 7:30am?  Or for musicians like myself, how much more do you practice when there is a gig on the calendar or a lesson you are taking?  That’s called being accountable and it’s very motivating.  That simple question “How’s that new plan going?”  God is giving us opportunity, moving and speaking into our lives everyday.  God says for us to put His words into action…K it was a terrible movie, but I was entertained by the phrase “Be a doer, not a don’ter.”

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